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Who We Are

Serving for the Land and Caring the People

Nisarga Nature Reserve is a forest conservation project by Vibez Estates. Ashwin, an entrepreneur, founded Vibez Estates in 2009, intending to provide people with access to natural environments.

Vibez Estates, the coffee estate promoters in the Western Ghats, is constantly connected to nature. We have developed over eleven estate projects and established hundreds of acres of coffee estate and farmhouses. Our team has more than 30 years of expertise in the plantation industry.

Award Winning

Consistently awarded for best eco-friendly farmland projects, outstanding services, and much more.

Dedicated Team

The professional team has more than 30yrs of expertise in the plantation field.

Aim to serve the nature

We aim to encourage the plantation of endangered species that live for 400-500 years. The trees of our plantation will not only contribute ample oxygen but also consume an enormous amount of harmful gases, eventually saving us from great environmental calamities. Our plantations are not meant to earn monetarily. It will only aid endangered species and our ecosystem.

You, along with us, will be saving the Ghats by planting trees that are a natural asset. It is our one step to gifting "Pure Air" and a "Better Environment" for the next generation.

Our mission is

To restore the incredible natural diversity that once existed in the Western Ghats.

To educate the public on the importance of maintaining and protecting natural ecosystems.

To provide a working example of a nature sanctuary that is also financially viable.

Our Vision is

To successfully create and market a model nature reserve in the Western Ghats that can be replicated to conserve our natural heritage.

Our values

We wish to bring back and protect the natural biodiversity that once existed in the Western Ghats.

We plant trees and save animal species against extinction from the threats posed by human benefits

We believe in building and gifting a beautiful forest; and protecting our future generation and ecosystem from destruction.

We educate people on protecting and maintaining our natural ecosystems.

We provide a real example of a nature sanctuary that is financially viable too.

We believe in a future in which Nisarga Nature Reserve is valued, protected, and growing.

We wish to successfully create and promote a model nature reserve in the Western Ghats that can be adopted to conserve our Nature's heritage.

We trust to give new ideas with practical solutions for conserving Nature for new generations.

Nisarga Pay Back / Nisarga Restore

Our project is named after the Sanskrit word "Nisarga", meaning nature. Nature refers to all plants, animals, the landscape and other products of the earth. Accordingly, the project Nisarga possesses each of these components.

Nisarga Reserve is a forest initiative to preserve our ecological system. The 100-acre natural reserve is being created in the Western Ghats. Our goal is to embrace and protect scarce trees in nature. The project encourages only Sustainable Plantations to conserve endangered species and their habitats and eventually build a sustainable forest.

The Western Ghats Under Threat

The Western Ghats in south India is one of the most renowned biodiversity hotspots in the world. 90% of rare endemic Indian species are found here, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Unfortunately, the Ghats and its species, with the whole ecosystem, are under high threat due to human presence, the invasion of foreign species, ongoing growth demands such as electricity production, expansion or new road construction, urbanization, livestock grazing, and forest fragmentation.

The current situation

The continuous loss of forests every subsequent year results in life-threatening problems like climate change, global warming, soil erosion, landslides, flooding, cyclones, and much more.

India had natural forests in 2010, covering more than 11% of its total land area. It lost 127 (Kha) of natural forest in 2021, which equals 64.4 Mt of CO2 emissions.

The increasing climate change impacting monsoonal processes with seven cyclones suggests that the region's fragile landscape will sustain further harm in the future.

Importance of Nature to Mankind

Nature provides a shield that protects us from all damage and harm. Survival of humankind is impossible without it.

Nature in all its forms is equally essential, and the absence of one component alone can have a catastrophic effect on human life. Not just the food and water but air, sunshine and rainfall come from nature.

Why Forest conservation

"Every year, two mature trees can produce enough oxygen for a family of four."

Forests not only provide us with an enormous amount of oxygen but also absorbs all the harmful gases. These gases are directly or indirectly responsible for the greenhouse effect. Destruction of forests is the cause behind 15% of all greenhouse emissions.

Besides being a natural filter, forests play an important role in the water cycle. Not only does it holds and filters water but holds soil against erosion.

Over the year, crops have been destroyed by various natural calamities. Forests stand as a shield to protect our crops by blocking dangerous winds. Moreover, forests give shelter and security to a wide variety of animals.

Even after seeing the tremendous role of forests, trees are cut down to deforestation. We cannot grow what's already destroyed, but we can plant new ones. If we are not rebuilding the forests, we endanger our lives.

Thus, we must come forward to conserve nature, the most prominent driving force and motive behind our project.


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