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Land use for forest conservation

We have been conducting plantation projects and promoting forest development for more than 13yrs.

We aim to work on a new nature reserve project in the Western Ghats. Most of the forest land provides a variety of uses and produces vast yields of timber and other resources. We are building a forest for better land use and conservation of our ecosystem. We will plant trees that will not aid monetary benefits but just preserve Nature.



As Nature is a renewable resource, reforestation reverses climate change. But it needs proper management, so we plan to introduce seeds of higher quality endangered species only. Apart from this, we perform natural or direct seeding while controlling the distance between them. We plant and monitor the growth of our plantations more strategically at each stage.

We choose the best quality seeds or plants, calculate their yields, harvest them and protect and monitor them. Moreover, we assess forest resources, including forest inventory and environmental and social impacts, and develop strategic plans.


Building and managing Farms and Farmhouses

When you purchase farmland, we manage all aspects of it while you focus on your daily life in the city. We assist in the purchase of plots for the construction of farmhouses, allowing you to visit your lands whenever you desire and enjoy the fruits of your investment.

We help you build farms and beautiful farmhouses on land you own. We urge you to engage in profitable and sustainable agriculture business from the comfort of your own home. Simply invest in your land with us to earn countless profits without putting much effort into it.

We also provide and keep you up to date on all the necessary things for a successful farming operation. You don't have to get involved in anything. We perform irrigation and drainage as well as periodically evaluate your plantations.


Maintenance and Farm Managment

Be it the plantation estate or the farm's constructed property, like the open pastures; each place requires regular maintenance. If necessary, we inspect for repairs too. When farmhouse owners cannot make regular visits, we are the farmhouses' maintainers.

We check and repair if there's any leak, peeling off of wall paints, improper lighting, hole in a wall or broken gates and doors, and we address it immediately.


Physical barriers

Owners of the farmhouses understand how difficult it is to keep track of every aspect of the property and keep it in good condition or maintained, especially when owners are stationed at a different place. As a result, fencing is the first step in farmhouse maintenance. It is essential as it distinguishes your property from others in the area, prevents intrusions and protects the farmhouse from malicious activities.

Therefore, we use various types of fencing to ure your properties in the best way.


The Security

Our guards protect and maintain farms on a regular basis. We also keep the farmhouse owners updated about the latest happenings on the farms, which gives the owners a sense of security with mental peace.

We ensure the complete safety of both farms and farmhouses.


Planting, Caring and Harvesting

We plant trees and farms in the best favourable circumstances possible, taking into account the spacing and number of the trees, their timing, intensity and the yield of the plantation. It is also critical to inspect the quality of seeds before sowing.

We also use organic insecticides and pesticides to control trees and crops against pests and diseases. Allow experts to handle the agricultural process while you reap the benefits.


Gift a Forest

The conent presently relevent to teak plantation only So, this should support the plantation that support and bring back the endangerd specios of trees and rare specious

We offer a wide range of nature reserve and forest conservation services.

The most important ones are


Nature Reserve Monitoring


Resort and Kitchen


Forest Reserve Protection and Management


Forest Security


Protection Of Natural Resources.


Community Assistance


Endangered Species of Trees


Planting and Irrigation


Environmental Education


Rain water harvesting and 24X7 Solar Powerd Electricity


Farm house for Build


Harvest Management